Haines 2 without Cooking Pot

This is the popular Haines 2 Solar Cooker without a cooking pot.  It includes the polycarbonate circular cover and cooking sleeve with silicone spacers to protect the cooking sleeve.  You will need to supply your own black or dark colored pot with lid.  The pot must have a top flange, no wider than the diameter of the pot, that can rest on top of the cooking sleeve.  It must not have side handles that would interfere with the cooking sleeve.  The lid must be tight-fitting and preferable made of glass so that the cooking process can be observed without removing the lid.

The Haines 2 works best with a pot that is around 11" in diameter and 4.5 liters in volume.  But your dimensions can vary.  A dark/black pot is best to absorb the heat.

See how easy it is to assemble the Haines 2 on this video:


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Alexander S.
It’s Great!

I own 5 Solar ovens and this by far is my favorite! Two reasons: it’s the easiest to use and cooks the best.

Danielle C.
Excellent Cooker!

We’re so happy with our Hanes Cooker! It’s light weight, easy to assemble and take down, cooks one pot meals or sides so well and folds down back to its original box. We love it. We use it on a weekly basis to cook our dinner meal. It’s great for camping too!

Near Perfect

Its not fast but it is fun. We chose this one for cost, amazingly durable and ridiculously easy. Its not fancy, but its near perfect.

Good Value for the Price

All in all, I find the Haines 2 Solar Cooker a great addition to my cooking appliances and a very good value for the price. Now I wonder what Ill cook next?


Haven’t used yet but seems high quality, shipped fast!