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Near Perfect

Its not fast but it is fun. We chose this one for cost, amazingly durable and ridiculously easy. Its not fancy, but its near perfect.

Good Value for the Price

All in all, I find the Haines 2 Solar Cooker a great addition to my cooking appliances and a very good value for the price. Now I wonder what Ill cook next?

Haven’t used yet but seems high quality, shipped fast!

0 Cost Cooking

Even in the middle of winter, in central California, we are still able to cook chicken, beans, rice, etc. without spending a dime on fuel.

Simple and Effective

Worked well. it took about 2 hours to cook rice in the morning sun with some occasional clouds at 65F or so. Great design - simple and effective.

Ready for Anything

I got this for in case power goes out, again and again. I also have rocket stove and propane burner from WalMart. So ready for anything. This seems to be exactly as shown on video. Very light and all pieces in package. Pleased.

Get This

Please don't hesitate to order this! If you are an off gridder, homesteaders, getting prepared, or playing in the backyard, GET THIS.

Simple but Effective

Its great! I bought one for fun, really... I like finding simple ways to accomplish everyday things in a more sustainable way. Ive successfully baked some great bread since Ive been playing with it over the past couple of weeks. We modified an oven thermometer to clip inside the dutch oven which is helpful. I can hold it steady at 350F (in late morning/early afternoon in March in Phoenix), and I saw it get up to 375F before I rotated the oven away from the sun a bit to bring it back down to 350F. So far I really like it!! Simple but effective!

Least Expensive Solar Oven

This design is the best, least expensive solar oven I've ever used.


What a wonderful idea...Think of the implications World Wide!


Roger designed a very good solar cooker. I saw it at work and the innovation of the clear cover and pan insulator is revolutionary!