Our International Work

The Haines Solar Cooker is used in developing countries to negate the damage being done by deforestation.  Trees and firewood are increasingly scarce and expensive for the two billion people who presently rely on it for cooking. A solar cooker can cook or bake whenever the sun shines while being supervised at a distance, because it never burns food.

  1. Saves the Environment. A solar cooker produces zero emissions, reducing global warming and local deforestation.
  2. Saves Health. Lung disease from cooking smoke is a leading cause of death in developing countries, and many children suffer burns from cooking fires. A solar cooker eliminates these problems
  3. Saves Time. The cooker is set up in minutes and watched from the shade with no danger of burning as it cooks, bakes, or pasteurizes water. By contrast, collecting firewood, feeding a cooking fire and stirring the food to prevent burning is very time-consuming.

See our Blog for information on projects in Kenya, Chad, Gambia, Uganda, Haiti, Ecuador and Mexico.



IHaines 2 in Palabek, Uganda

Haines 2 in the Palabek, Uganda Refugee Camp


Haines Solar Cookers are also available in Mexico from:

Lorena Harp
Calle Gomez Farias 311
68000 Oaxaca OA Mexico
Telephone:  5219 511 173 100
email:  lorena.harp5@gmail.com

Haines Solar Cookers are available in Africa from:

Ecomandate Foundation
Mbagathi Road
Nairobi, Kenya 00100
+254 729 001 702

Alliance for African Assistance
Geoffrey Okello, Director
Plot 33, Lower Churchill Road
Gulu, Uganda
+256 782 905 433