Cooking Meatloaf in the Haines Solar Cooker

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All right. Today we're cooking in the Hanes solar cooker, and we're gonna do some meatloaf. And this is the pot that comes with the Hayne solar cooker. This is a really nice pot. $119, I believe, on Amazon with this pot. So my wife is making some meatloaf.


I got all over, maybe like a pound and a half of hamburger meat. I put a little mozzarella cheese in there and a package of the frozen onions, bell peppers and

All the

Good stuff. Yeah, it's like 12 ounces of that. And I mixed up two eggs with a little bit of ketchup. A little bit of wishes shear. This is to go on it after it's done to glaze it. It's barbecue sauce, ketchup wishes, shear, and a little brown sugar and a cup of, and I use club crackers, which really gives it a good flavor. And then you just mix it all up and you're done.

Okay. By the time you're done mixing, go ahead and start mixing. You need me to pour that in there?

Okay. But, okay. You want video? That All right. I really should buy me some gloves since we've been making a lot of meatloaf. Okay.

You're getting hamburger juice all over your very expensive wedding Van <laugh>. Yeah.

It was the very first wedding band that you bought me. And where did we buy it?

At? A pawn shop. <Laugh>?

Yeah. Over in the area right now that I wouldn't, I wouldn't get caught dead in, but

We were so broke back in them days.

I think we paid 20 bucks. I'm almost positive. Okay. Do me some bread cream. I mean, cracker prints.

Alright. Say when?

About half of it.

Oh, okay.

Okay. Now, okay.

Yep. That was just

And where's yours?

Where's my what?

The van we bought you.

I'm, I'm wearing it. No,


You bought that. Oh God. I had to cut that off.

Oh, that's right. I don't

Remember when I was so poor when we got married. 'cause I was paying an enormous amount of child support that I didn't need a whole lot <laugh> and I was skinny. And after a few years of being married and driving a truck, I gained a substantial amount of weight, <laugh>. And I had cut that wedding band off, and then I bought this. Okay. I you

To pour these, this, nevermind. I think I can do it.

That I can do that. You want me to pour that? Yeah,

Just pour it in here.

Yeah. I bought it at that jewelry store in Minden.

Okay. And dump rest in my cracker prints.

And that was, and

That was two eggs and some Cs. Name of your choice. Whatever you want.

I had an on onion escape.

I'm gonna have to go warm up my hands because my hands frozen.

All right. I'm gonna shut this off. I'm gonna go down and get the solar equipment, bring it up here and set it up on that table under Bev's or near Bev's RV carport.

You see that big round shadow there? Well, this is how you aim the Hanes solar cooker, and it's windy and it's stable, so it's gonna be a good day. All right. I'm cooking meatloaf and so according to the shadow, I need to aim this parallel, I mean to my shadow here. So let's see how that looks. Yeah, perfect. Oh, am looking forward to this. Golly. Alright. I can, it's so weird that I can already feel the heat reflecting off of this, and I, it's been five minutes out here,


I got a good feeling about this too. So far, I have not had a solar oven that didn't work like it was supposed to. I had the the sun. What is that? Okay, I got the All American sun oven there and what was the other one? Oh, good lord. <Laugh>. Well, anyway, I can't believe, I can't remember this. I have one in Bev's garage around here that I gave her. And then I have the other one that I just cooked meatloaf in


And now this is the Hanes and they're all a little different. And really, I don't see any pluses or minuses. This has an advantage. It assembles and disassembles and folds flat. It is so easy. It's just snaps. I mean, how easy is that? Who can't do snaps? You know? Very nice oven. All right, we'll come back here. And I'm gonna drink a cup of coffee on my porch over there. My last cup. I may go down to the knife shop and mess around a little bit. Today. I got a knife that I took out of the tempering oven and, and I need to clean it up and get it prepared for buffing and the handle. And so I'm gonna be back and forth all day today. I'm give this a few hours. We'll see you in a bit.

The sun is out right now, but it is a partly cloudy day, and it has been, honestly, it's been mostly cloudy. But I was a little bit worried about this. So I opened up the lid here and I put my hand on the pod and it's plenty, plenty hot. So it's only been out here an hour. And I think it'll cook just fine with the amount of sun we have. So, let's see here. I think I need to turn it just a, just a scot, I think that'll do it. All right. I'm going to the knife shop. We'll see you in the bit. It is looking good. And we finally got full sun. And if you look, you can see it is bubbling. You see it bubbling.

Now, the outside temperature, I do have that set on the top of the lid, but that is not the temperature of what's in there. It is probably, probably closer to 2 50, 2 75 in the pot, just because, you know, there's no, this thing, it does not, this plastic it, it does not hold the heat in. So 2 25 is really an incredible temperature just for setting on a lid. This, I'll tell you what, I'm gonna give this about another oh, hour and a half. And then I'm gonna come out and take the lid off and put the the the top stuff that my wife made. It's barbecue sauce and ketchup and Worcestershire and brown sugar. Put it on top and then give it about another half hour. So we'll be eating here pretty quick. Okay. I just remembered the name of the other solar oven that I got.

It was the very first solar oven that I had ever got besides the one that I made. And that was the soor, which still works. And you know, it has its disa disadvantages and advantages. It's insulated, so you could set it on the ground in the winter and cook in it and it, anyway, you can't even get one anymore. So they're, they're outta business. I called them because if they still had affiliate sales, I wanted to be an affiliate. I was many, many moons ago. And then the lady sold the company and now they're a nonprofit, which, oh yeah, <laugh>, they're a nonprofit. All right. 'cause They're not making 'em anymore. So anyway, they may come back. She told the la the lady told me that they were looking for, you know, investors I guess. And they had all the tooling and you know, the patents and all that.

So there's a chance they may come back. They were a good oven. I hated to see them not sell anymore. And that's the, so Lavo. And the other is the All American Sun Oven, which is very expensive. But in all honesty, it is the Cadillac. If you don't intend to, you know, if space is not at a premium. And because you can use it anywhere and it's a little more heavier. So it stands up to higher winds. And then there's the all season solar cooker, which is a fantastic cooker. I've used it. I actually sent one to a friend of mine and I'm hoping he'll use it soon. I think he's gearing up with pots and pans and that kind of thing. And sunny day. 'cause He's had the same kind of weather we've had. And this one the Hanes Solar Oven.

I think the advantage of this is it comes with a really great pot to cook in and it disassembles pretty easily into a very flat, small space. So that is a real advantage. Now, the all season solar cooker disassembles as well, but you know, there's a little bit more to putting it together. Not much. It's just a few nuts and wing, wing nuts and bolts. No, no biggie. And it fall folds into a very small package where you don't even have to completely collapse it. You can fold it small enough to fit under a bed. So they all have their minor differences and you know, minor advantages and disadvantages. So I guess it would come down to they all cook. This is cooking great, it's reaching absolute, you know, the same temperatures that all my o other ovens reach. So heat wise, it doesn't seem like one has an advantage over the other.

But I do think that the soor, which they don't make anymore, and the All American may have an advantage in extremely cold areas, or where there's a much higher wind. Even though the all season solar cooker and the Hanes, they do seem to be, you know, we've had gusts come through here and my flag has been standing out and they stand up to wind. It's just that the wind on those two, it seems like the wind would be more apt to maybe suck off some of the heat that you would want to stay in there. If there is a disadvantage. It would be that. And it's minor. So, so far I like them all. And my next Google check, or my next Amazon check or two, I'm going to send somebody on, see, that was given to me. I'm gonna keep it, but I'm gonna buy one and just send it to somebody in my subscriber list.

I don't know who yet. And it would be somebody who has a real interest in solar cooking and will use it. So there you go. Another hour or so, I'm gonna take that out of there. Oh, here's another, in interesting tidbit, the fellow who made this, his name is Roger Haynes, and the fellow who makes the all season solar cooker, his name is Jim Lejo, and they're friends. They know each other. And it was actually Jim Lejo that told me about that oven, which I was not aware of. So I googled it and I watched some videos and I reached out to him and I asked him for one, if he would be interested in providing me with one for review. And he was so the fact that they know each other and are friends and they both sell solar oven. That's pretty cool. All right. Without a doubt, this is done.

But I have put the the amazing sauce on top, and I'm gonna

Give it about 30 minutes in the sun here. So the next view you'll see is me pulling the lid off of this and cutting me out a chunk of that and eating it. So oh, I'm starving. You would not believe how good this smells.

All right.

Oh yeah. That's the way it's supposed to look.

Oh, man. Does that look good?

Mm. You know, I could smell it all the way down the hill. It's moist.

I cannot wait to dig into this. Come on,

You're gonna drop it. Okay. How am I supposed to follow you? Okay. It's probably gonna be too hot to eat right away, but Oh, it smells so good.

It does. Let's get a closeup, a beauty shot. Look at that.

God <laugh>,


Boy, it really smells good. I get the first bite here.

All right,

Well, I did mix it up. I'm trying to find a piece that doesn't have an onion in it. Don't video me

Eating. I won't video you chewing.

I good.

You gotta make the sound. Nu <laugh>. Oh, good. Oh yeah.


<Inaudible>. I will put it in that. That really good. Put it in that boulder. I think she's gone. All right, let me blow on this a little bit.

That's really, really good. I don't even like meatloaf and that's good.

Boy, that's good. Alright, I'm gonna eat the Hanes 2.0 solar cooker. It's good. I would yeah, I would buy this and I would buy the all season solar cooker, just as good. This one does come with a really cool pot though. And I like that pot. And I think I can use that pot in my other solar cookers as well. So yeah, good purchase. And if I hadn't reached out to him and asked for one, I, I would buy this. This is a good unit. All right. Thanks for watching y'all. I'm gonna eat.

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