Solar Cooking Demo in Jacmel, Haiti

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Yesterday Friday 24th 2024 in National School Phanuel Nicolas about 09:30 My team counted 3 Persons Soeurette with one of her daughter who's already done with classical School and I were already in the School for our first test in training after more than 2 weeks ago I met with the Direction Staff to planned the training.

To realized the Demonstration the weather wasn't a Sunny day weather we had a calm weather but enough to made it even longer it could take, because we're in the rainy season the weather wasn't good at all this week it's rain a lot some day the sun even not rise.

That Demonstration and training was an activity I was plan a month ago to realized. In more than the 2 pass weeks I met with Staff to had a good Coordination to realized it so by the grace of God yesterday we have done it.

One of the reason why I focused on School to realized training and Demonstration about the Solar Cooker was because I would like to train students Teachers and Directors of School about the Solar Cooker
to know the very good importance of the Solar Cooker in our community and also to teach them about the big role of the Solar Cooker to save the environment and protect it from the natural disasters also avoid the Global warming in a couple of years coming. Also to teach them omhiw
it's very important to use the Solar Cooker to Save money, Save time and protect their life.

The Staff Direction of the School were very happy to receive me to met with that new product and the new experience and was very happy too to learn about of the big role of the Solar Cooker in all important points the Solar is useful for. They gave me 2 Classes 5th grade and 6th
grade because those Students is better to understand the very importance training and some others Classes were assisted
the Demonstration. I didn't registered any Sale but good amount of people change their contract with me and an other Director friend of the Director of the School I have made the Demonstration and the training for was presented took the opportunity to invite me to come and realized a training and Demonstration in
his school also.

That was a very good experience the students the Staff surprised to see the results of the DMT and happy to participated in the food in which we made Boiled Eggs, CornBread , Rice with Spinach and tomatoes, Sweet potato with Milk, Boiled Yam , Boiled Black dry beans, Salmon Sauce 6 tests. We had more than 100 Students and 6 teachers. Soeurette daughter enjoyed the experience and see it's not easy for me.

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